Visitor Vision

Future Dreaming

In this immersive film, the audience steps into a time-warping dream bubble as four young Aboriginal Australians guide the viewers into their futures. Be ready for an intergalactic adventure.

World premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Australian premiere Melbourne International Film Festival

Future Dreaming - A VR Documentary

Four Australian Aboriginal youth bring their futures to life in Virtual Reality.

Future Dreaming uses Virtual Reality to realise the Future imaginings of Four Australian Aboriginal youth, Alison Lockyer, Maverick Eaton, Maxie and Nelson Coppin. Their story evolves from the present day to 20 years into the future where Nelson’s driving space trains, Mavericks hanging out with robots, Ali’s a world famous performer and Maxie’s the Governor of an off-world colony powered by emu’s on treadmills. This fun adventure has been co-produced by it’s young protagonists. Behind the scenes the young people are collaborating on the story writing, the VR art and puppet their virtual avatars.

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