Visitor Vision


Visitor Vision

52 Prospect Street,

Fortitude Valley,

Queensland, 4006


Charles Henden

is an accomplished engineer and computer scientist with a passion for bringing interactive worlds to life. Through his career he has enabled technical solutions from the airline industry, licensed movie titles on the Nintendo Wii to real-time sports simulations on the Playstation 4.



Founded in June 2017, VISITOR is a creative technology studio that invites you to explore experiences in performance art, storytelling, organisational intelligence and automated cinematography. Since foundation, VISITOR’s work has received a Sundance fellowship for work in the VR storytelling space, explored human robotic relationships performing 1:1 at Ars Electronica and installing CinemaSwarm at the Museum of Brisbane, released the award winning VR documentary “Inside Manus” featured at the Cannes Marché du film in 2018 and premiered Future Dreaming at Tribeca Film Festival being recognised by the renowned Storyscapes section in 2019.


Craig Bowler

is a 3D artist and technician possessed by the capabilities of the VR revolution. With a rarefied skillset forged from art direction across numerous Mobile, PlayStation, Xbox and PC titles, Craig has a passion for building active and engaging worlds.

Awards —

Inside Manus:

Screen Producers Association

Award for Best Interactive Production

US Premiere at FOST in New York

French Premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Australian Premiere at MIFF in Melbourne

Future Dreaming:

US Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in

New York

Australian Premiere at MIFF in Melbourne

Client List —



Hoodlum Entertainment

Chemical Media

Cutting Edge Productions

 Museum of Brisbane

Queensland Museum

Romeo Digital

Royal Flying Doctor Service


Swinburne University

Royal Brisbane Hospital

Nous Group


Australian Red Cross