Visitor Vision


Visitor Vision

52 Prospect Street

Fortitude Valley

Queensland, 4006

Awards —

Inside Manus:
Screen Producers Association
Award for Best Interactive Production

US Premiere at FOST in New York

Australian Premiere at MIFF in Melbourne

Client List —

Hoodlum Entertainment
Chemical Media
Cutting Edge Productions
Manning Solutions




Charles Henden is an accomplished engineer and computer scientist with a passion for bringing interactive worlds to life. Through his career he has enabled technical solutions from the airline industry, licensed movie titles on the Nintendo Wii to real-time sports simulations on the Playstation 4.


Craig Bowler is a 3D artist and technician possessed by the capabilities of the VR revolution. With a rarefied skillset forged from art direction across numerous Mobile, PlayStation, Xbox and PC titles, Craig has a passion for building active and engaging worlds.